Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's about Blog Time

Yeah, I might as well put this baby to some use, seeing as how I have it and have been dying to put content in.

This blog... will be about nothing in particular. I won't be a photographer or artist uploading my best artistic creations; I won't be a poet or writer posting new chapters of my upcoming collection; I won't be a music creator (yet) sampling out my sound clips.

I will be your every-man updater of things I find sparking with interest, from every facet of life. My personal concentration- gaming and technology. However, I'm all up for Asian culture, business, and an occasional brush with politics.

Heck, maybe you'll see some of my photographer/Photoshopper side come out in the upcoming months.

Point is, I hope this blog entertains as much as it'll serve for me to see my writing progress, myself mature, and the world evolve. Here's to new beginnings.

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