Friday, October 20, 2006

Abandon All Hope, All Ye Who Enter... Ha Ha! Just Kidding. No, Don't Run Away...

Let me be the first to welcome our newest contributor, and my real-life object of affection, Galiene!

She'll be assisting me in updating, editing, and maintaining this blog. Since she brings a casual, newbie flare to MMORPGs, my hope is she can cover things from a perspective I cannot. Being around MMORPGs all most of my life, I may get a jaded (or entirely wrong) opinion about things. She's also helping me spearhead a Second Life business venture we're both working on initiating, so if you stick around, you're bound to see more of her.

Galiene also brings more of an artistic flare with her. Where I am one for technicalities and simplicity, she has an overwhelmingly better taste for visual content as a whole.

So without further adeiu, Galiene, make your presence known!
(Gal, by the by, reports on Second Life economic trends due by Friday)

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