Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Makeover & Purpose

It's rainy outside, I'm in a public computer lab, and I keep looking at gaming blogs. You know what that means right? Right?!

Yes, a slight blog overhaul.

You'll notice some mini-ads from Google AdSense at the top (feel free to click) below the header, a new footer with my e-mail and contact information (in case commenting just won't suffice), and some revamped links.

I'm still mulling over a specific purpose/focus for this blog, which is the most difficult aspect of blogging I've come across so far. I have no real niche in anything at this point, but every day I'm scouring the Internet looking for that elusive "focal point" of my thoughts which I can pull from for writing inspiration. I'd like to say I'm leaning towards gaming, and this may very well be the case.

So, whether you look here often or not, if you'll put up with my random commentary for just a little bit longer, maybe someday soon you will see a direct focus of this "news" outlet. If not, I guess you can expect to read my blog with a spice of randomocity.

Enjoy the changes. I will be thinking of a blog focus.

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