Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mirai & You

If you've been following the updates on this blog, you'll notice I've been gearing towards being a more column-like resource. I've also been working with some code (which in my opinion should've been pre-built into Blogger) to reduce post length via "expandable posts", whereby clicking the "Continue Reading" link below each article will bring you to the full shablam. I also inserted a "Recent Comments" section, just in case visitors start to comment, to make viewing new comments easier for both you and me.

Please note, there may be expandable links where there is no further content. If you feel an article is over after reading what's present on the page index, it probably is.

Moving away from tech updates, I've been deliberating day in and day out what to do with this blog. Not to get all artsy with my thinking process, but I've come to a reasonable theme: e-culture. A broad (perhaps too broad) topic which expands past mere technology and gaming, and delves into the online culture that continuously permeates the society we live in.

While you will no doubt see a plethora of game updates & commentaries- it is my self-proclaimed forté after all- you should also see an increase of articles encompassing gadgetry, explanations of e-lifestyles and e-subcultures, question-and-answer themed articles, and much more. I will be doing my best to tie in the work I do here with a college-based publication I work with, so please bear with me if you see duplicates of my stories within anything entitled "SHEI". The majority of my work will be blog-exclusive, of course, but I see nothing wrong with contributing relevant articles to a great, evolving publication.

Galiene also has a World of Warcraft-themed article in the works, primarily aimed at Priests last I've seen, so check back soon to see the completed version!

As always, we strive to make your visit here informative and relatively painless, so let us know if any features we have annoy you, or if we are lacking something elementary.

And the blog moves on...

Above photo from Alen Lin: http://flickr.com/photos/alenlin/

To Recap:

  • Expandable Posts
  • Recent Comments Tracker
  • "I Heart Kurineko" Mission Statement; Future Articles & Ideas
  • Galiene's Upcoming WoW Priest Coverage

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