Thursday, November 09, 2006

No PS3 Pre-Order? No Problem! (Ann Arbor)

Consider yourselves lucky. Since I, for more reasons too numerous than I can list here, will not be getting a Playstation 3, I'm passing some rumor news on to you.

Ann Arbor-ites, snag your lawn chairs and your coat and head down to Best Buy. According to Joystiq's slapped-together list of Best Buy locations that will* have PS3's launch day, Ann Arbor is one of them!

If you missed your chance to sit in the cold, pre-winter weather back when Best Buy was accepting pre-orders, it's now your chance sit outside Best Buy for 8 days in actual winter weather! Boy, and you thought those poor saps who spent an entire night outside Gamestop/EBGames had it bad...

Anyway, just passing on the love. If you do snag a PS3, make sure to send kudos (=cash) thisaway. Even moreso if you just re-sell it on eBay.


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