Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tech Gadgets: Offroading for the Disabled- The Day Has Come

File this under "even if I don't need it, I want it". Leave it to a company called TankChair to take a customary wheelchair and beef it up to artillery proportions.

These wheelchairs wax reminiscent of battling robot TV shows. My only concern is that this wheelchair, if put in the hands of the immature, could very well be the undoing of society: schoolyard battles- frail child bodies versus tank treads; commutes to work- sedans versus all-terrain mobile vehicles of terror; wars being fought to prove superiority between unmobilized and mobilized humans.

Mom jokes will be undoubtedly be met with *click* *vrrrrm* *BUDDABUDDABUDDA*, then "EAT TREAD, B$^%@", followed by schoolgirl-like crying of the TankChair offender.

I think next year's Christmas Wish List just got a little longer.

But overactive imaginations aside, this wheelchair will let the disabled move around on any type of terrain, in any condition. It's also custom-fitted to each customer's body size.

While this product doesn't have a solid price tag, contacting the company will probably land you a menu of options and prices. I'm no master at pricing things, but last I checked, tank treads weren't going for Big Lots prices (shush, I couldn't find any retailers selling actual tank treads).

[More pictures available via Gizmodo.]

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