Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tech Gadgets: Keeping Your Winter Warmer

We here in Michigan know how winter is an ever-looming, fast-approaching type of season. We also know that the cold, frigid months are unforgiving for those who a) don't have winter coats and b) lack a good heater.

"But I live in a dormitory!" you say. Well, this unfortunately isn't geared towards you, unless your dormitory permits the use of flammable objects.

For those of you live in a house with more lenient fire rules (whether that's good or not is subject for another discussion), there have undoubtedly been days you longed for a warmer room. With gas prices on the rise, you may have wished turning on the heater was economically feasible.

What to do?

No worries! PID's Geniol Fireplace has you covered, offering up a sleek, modern fireplace to ensure you don't catch pnemonia. While it clocks in at $626 pre-shipping, it's far cheaper than the alternative.

This is nothing special, however, until you realize this fireplace is portable. If you move, your fireplace moves with you. If you go camping and are too lazy to start your own bonfire, opt for this portable one. This combined makes the product an interesting and useful addition to anyone's frigid winter room.

Christmas is coming up, and if you can't afford the fireplace, maybe your folks can. Get on their case.

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