Saturday, January 06, 2007

Back in Business

It's been a good, long vacation on this side... and I now announce my return! After trudging through exams, blog version transitioning, and holiday chaos, it's good to be back. I reckon it's about time to dust off the ol' cobwebs this blog might have accumulated and open the valve of blog updates. May they flow like water!

While I peruse the Interweb for newsworthy stories and gadgetry, you can kick back and chill. This blog's purpose always has been, and for the determinable life of this blog will be, bringing you information and technology releases in an interesting, reader-friendly fashion. "Information" is a general term, so let me categorize it as "digital culture-related information". This spans from software to websites to gaming- and beyond.

So, here I am again, typing up blog entries in hopes you enjoy (and learn). You learn from my posts, I learn from your wisecracking comments in respective posts, and as a whole... we benefit! Come join, won't you?

Image Credit: jane_britanico's Flickr Photostream. That isn't me at the resort- but I wish it was...

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