Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Challenger Appears! / Burning Crusade Burnt

Well, it seems I'm getting my hands on even more blogging content for the next few months! From now until April, my time will be a little split between this blog and my new collaborative blog, Game Industry Weekly. However, since it's not a huge time commitment over there, don't expect to see any fewer entries here.

So, I guess this post is more of a plug. If you're more interested in seeing some game-only news- be it business or general nonsense- head over to Game Industry Weekly!

On another note, due to the hard drive wipe and all, most of my pictures for my Burning Crusade entry have been wiped. I've been fervently attempting to re-take all the pictures I can, but since most of my time is spent in the latter areas of the game, there's a large (and crucial) gap between levels 60-66. When I have the time, I'll attempt to re-do the shots.

That's all for this week. Hope you're enjoying KuriNeko's content, and expect more gaming-related entries soon!

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