Friday, February 16, 2007

Silent Hill Arcade Game Announced

AOU 2007 is in full swing over in Chiba, Japan, and Konami's apparently trying to make a good impression with the arcade sector this year.

On top of announcing sequels for each of its prized BEMANI games (which is having its 10th anniversary this year!), we got our first look at a brand-spankin'-new action shooter for a franchise most would have never expected: Silent Hill.

Not many details are known about Silent Hill: The Arcade, but it boasts an interesting cabinet with eerie, tattered flaps encapsulating you in the Silent Hill universe. Expect some standard shooter fare- zombies, railed levels, tons of shooting, bosses, and nigh-impossible coin guzzling sections- with the trademark Silent Hill storyline of mystery, intrigue, and paranoia.

Of course, this game could end up being the next House of the Dead offshoot that woos only the simplest of minds. Plenty of folks have already jumped on this cynical bandwagon.

The most we can do at this point is hope whoever's making this spin-off doesn't abuse the license and produces a truly addictive, scare-inducing shooter to keep us entertained at our local arcades. With hopes high, all we can do now is await further details.

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