Sunday, October 07, 2007

WoW's Brew-Ha-Ha!

World of Warcraft's newly-released annual festival- Brewfest- was just released this week on October 2nd, and denizens of Azeroth have been quite jolly with the free booze and abundance of intersting outfits and gimmicky items.

Despite some event-shattering hiccups (Dark Iron invasions crashing servers, inability to obtain certain quests, and hundreds of people amassing in front of Ironforge straining peoples' graphics cards), the event's been a smashing success with much praise towards Blizzard with this new casual content.

For just 15-40 minutes a day, you too can work towards a Dwarven beer-carrying ram, Bavarian-esque outfit, or Beer Goggles (my personal favorite- check the linked video) just to name a few. It's a nice break in the quest/PvP/instance grind, and you get a blurry screen and slurred speech to boot.

This was an unexpected treat from Blizzard, and there's rumors that this year's Dwarven-centric event might even get Horde-ification next year due to player demand. Can't wait to ride a beer kodo! Tips and screenshots after the jump!

Screenshots (Click to Enlarge)!

Brewfest Quest Select Tips:
Pink Elekks on Parade - Repeatable: DAILY - This quest requires you go to all major Alliance cities (there's also a Horde version, not described here), head to the entrance, get drunk, and zap some Pink Elekks! I assume you're hearthed to Shattrath and not a mage. Start in Ironforge, fly to Stormwind (zap 3 Elekks outside Stormwind gates), hearth to Shattrath, take portal to Exodar (zap 3 Elekks), take hippogryph/boat to Darnassus (zap 3 Elekks), and you're done!

Bark for the Thunderbrews (or Barleybrews) - Repeatable: EVERY 12 HOURS - Get the name of a brewery out there! You can only pick 1 brewery every 12 hours to bark for, but the premise is simple- you mount your ram, ride to Ironforge, and run between flags at each of the 4 main districts. There's a picture here detailing the most efficient route. After you bark at your last location, you're free to use your real mount to return to the questgiver.

Now This is Ram Racing... Almost - Repeatable: NO - Do this quest first, because it opens up the bulk of Brewfest's quests! There's a semi-fine art to whipping your ram in this quest. Tap the reins you receive in your pack slowly to trot, a little faster (once a second) to canter, and spam-click to gallop. There's finer points to note, which I'll outline next. Just think of your ram as a 4-gear car that needs constant attention.

There and Back Again - Repeatable: EVERY 12 HOURS - This takes the skills you learned in Now This is Ram Racing and adds a few variables to the mix: exhaustion and apple barrels. For this quest (doable 12AM-12PM then 12PM-12AM server time), you ride between Kharanos and the Brewfest grounds delivering giant kegs on a special ram. You'll notice as you go, however, your ram gets more and more exhausted until it caps at 100- then you move at the speed of your grandmother covered in frozen molasses. You can either avoid it by stopping clicking (to let the ram rest), or better yet, utilize the apple barrels along the road to clear your exhaustion altogether. These barrels are located inside the tend behind the questgivert, next to a directional post halfway between the towns, and behind the keg-thrower in Kharanos. I recommend just tapping the apple barrel with your mount as you run past, which should clear your exhaustion points. I average about 24 tickets per 12 hours, so this quest is definitely worth your time. Find these apple barrels before you head out, lest you waste time looking for them!

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