Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tech Gadgets: Too Warm? Too Cold? No Problem.

Is your drink too cold? Too warm? Much like the Goldilocks of Budweiser, or whichever drink you prefer at certain temperatures, there's undoubtedly been times when your drink was the wrong temp at the wrong time (but you drank it anyway, you trooper you). This can lead to a rise in frustration ("Grr! Warm pop/cold coffee!"), decline in productivity (you must now search for ice cubes or a microwave), and/or general unhappiness.

Enter two gadgets from Thinkgeek which have you covered whether your drink is either of the two extremes.

The first is the Piet Hein Drink Cooler, which ultilizes a specialized liquid core within a metallic cooling ball to instantly chill whatever drink you put it in. It comes with a special glass, most likely to reduce chances of shattering/frostbite, and only requires no preliminary icetray filling. Best of all, you're left without the much-loathed watered-down taste ice cubes usually leave in their wake. Science prevails.

But wait! What about cold coffee and lukewarm tea?

Not only a greater drink heater, but also a nice PC-side accessory, we present the USB Mug Warmer & Hub. Type up your long-winded blog entries with an ever-warm cup 'o hot chocolate right next to you. You're also able to plug in your flash drive to one of the heater dock's ports, but I would be wary of using it in case of an accidental spill.

These are some wonderfully geeky ways to keep your drinks the temperature you like. I may be picking up the heater this Christmas, pending I get a mug with it. (College life = paper cups, after all.)

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