Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Of all the embedded pages on World of Warcraft's community website, I have never seen one as cumulative, beautiful, and detailed as this.

Kudos to the Blizzard Team for this elegant feature page brimming with information, outlining essentially everything there is to look forward to for The Burning Crusade's release. While it may lack specific talent and theorycraft changes (See: the new post Eyonix put out recently), it makes up for it in sheer content multimedia.

The page starts out with Burning Crusade's teaser trailer embedded to the right, followed by the new races, new capital cities... and it all concludes in a collage tour-de-force. This may be the inner WoW geek speaking, but I'd be sold on the spot if this was the first page I saw regarding the expansion (delays be damned!)

Go check out the page, bask in the aura of marketing at its best, and leave scathing comments regarding my bad website taste if you don't dig it.

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