Monday, October 08, 2007

Change is in the Air... at Atari

Mismanagement of a brand is never a pretty thing. Neither is seeing a stock chart mimic a ski slope. However, Atari has both problems on their hands and is finally trying to turn things around for the staggered company.

Head board members were removed (an oddly strong word, likely chosen to portray the seriousness of the change) today, with new management to be put in place soon.

Will this change really bring Atari back? The last great Atari game, many have argued, was Pong. Harsh words that, unfortunately, ring pretty true. Neverwinter Nights fans, no offense intended.

Once this change begins to yield financial fixes and make good on Atari's promises, we might see some rebounding. In the meantime, IT'S SKIING TIME!

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